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Welcome to

Kulturkvarter Snösätra!

We strive to create a place for encounters between culture, knowledge and society.

Our cultural quarter is a unique opportunity for businesses and organisations to reach a wide audience while contributing to local community development.

Interested in getting involved?

Learn more about the municipal guidelines here.

Together, we can make a difference!


Interested in painting here?  

A permission from Kulturkvarter Snösätra is required to paint the big walls along the alley. However – Snösätra also offers surfaces inside and around the old storage lots, known as Big Bag 1, 2 and 3 areas (now leased by Kulturkvarter Snösätra).

These open lots and the walls behind them – facing the forest, are completely free and legal to paint on. Be aware that Snösätra is a part of a nature reserve. It's very important for us that everyone takes care of the litter. Use the designated trash bins. Don't leave any spray cans by the wall after you. Please refrain from breaking branches and painting on vegetation, trees and mountain rocks.

We also kindly ask you to respect the business signage and other properties in the area as well as and not to paint and tag along the path leading down from Rågsved / Högdalen.

The walls in the main alley are called the Snösätra Wall of Fame, and are repainted by artists during the annual Springbeast festival.

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