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Guidelines from Stockholms stad

Where in Snösätra is the cultural space located?

Kulturplats Snösätra is a part of so called Snösätra storage area, which is the section leased out by the district administration in Enskede-Årsta-Vantör. See map.

Regarding event permissions

If you're planning an event at the cultural space, you must obtain approval from the district administration. Email here for your application.

In many cases, you will also need to apply for a police permit, in order to host an event. The police website provides more information on when a police permit is required and how to apply. Remember to plan ahead!


It should be quiet in Snösätra after 10 PM and all events must be over by then.


There are only a few available parking spaces in Snösätra, located on Snösätravägen, opposite the dog yard.

Parking along Snösätragränd is not allowed (only for off-loading). Depending on the expected number of visitors, you may need volunteers on-site to provide information and ensure that cars do not park in wrong places.

If you're planning an event, it's your responsibility to inform your attendees that there's a limited parking space available and encourage them to use alternative transportation methods if possible. It's about one kilometer walk from Rågsved subway.

Keep in mind that other businesses operate in the area as well. It's important keep their entrances on Snösätragränd free from cars.

Conditions for using the culture site

We hope to see a variety of cultural expressions in Snösätra. We want to keep an open and inclusive atmosphere. At the same time – we value democracy and the equal worth of all individuals.

Who is allowed to paint in Snösätra?

You need a permission from the owner of the wall in order to paint in Snösätra. However, it is currently allowed to paint on the walls located inside the lot that's leased from the district administration.

Please contact Kulturkvarter Snösätra for more information on the rules regarding wall painting.


You are responsible for taking care of your trash and ensuring that the area is clean and tidy after your visit / activity. There are plenty of trash bins available. Empty spray cans and other toxic waste should never be left in nature.


Removing art in the area?

You must contact the environmental authority if you intend to remove an artwork instead of painting over it. Rainwater running from the area into Lake Magelungen may contaminate it with remediation chemicals, solvents, or paint.

Email for more info or call: 08-508 28 800.

May I build what I want in the area?

You must independently verify if a temporary construction permit is needed. The city has temporary construction permits for the cultural site, allowing for basic infrastructure such as a few containers.

Reach out to Stadsbyggnadskontoret for advice on permits:

08-508 27 400 (for companies) or 08-508 27 330 (for public)

Learn more here: Stockholm stad.

What responsibilities do I have as an event host?

When organizing an event in Snösätra, you are personally responsible for ensuring that it's conducted in accordance with the rules and in a safe manner. In case of an accident – contact the police at 112, as usual.

Report anything broken in the municipal 

Are concerts allowed in Snösätra?

The Enskede-Årsta-Vantör district administration believes that the cultural site is not suitable for anything other than smaller concerts with sound systems fit for smaller audiences, mainly hosted during daytime.

The city administration has previously granted permissions for a few concerts as part of pop-up activities in Snösätra, but has concluded that larger events are not suitable for the cultural site in its current setup.

What security responsibilities do I have as an event organizer in Snösätra?

You are responsible for the security around your event. You need to have a police permit and follow every point that is stated in there.

What should I do if I see something illegal happening at the site?

You should call the police if you witness any illegal activity in Snösätra.

May I serve or consume alcohol in Snösätra?

Alcohol consumption is forbidden in Kulturkvarter Snösätra.

What does it mean that the culture area is surrounded by a nature reserve?

Snösätra is surrounded by the Rågsved nature reserve, which has specific regulations. For example – painting on rocks within the nature reserve is strictly prohibited.

The full set of nature reserve rules is available here.

You are responsible for disassembling and removing all constructions and building materials after your event.

To operate on the district administration's lease, you commit to fulfilling the city's democracy conditions. This means that the district administration will reject an entity or their representatives if:

  1. any sign seen of violence, threats or any other ways that violate the fundamental freedom and rights of individuals,

  2. discrimination / violation of the equal value of all individuals is displayed,

  3. you justify, promote or incite actions as specified in 1 and 2, or if 

  4. you oppose the democratic form of government.

To learn more about what the democracy conditions mean in practice, please refer to Stockholms stads Riktlinjer avseende lokalupplåtelser – demokrativillkor (från april 2021)


Feel free to email here, If there's anything you'd like to ask Stockholms Stad.

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